Unit Tests, Redux

I view unit tests the same way I view Macs. I like them but think that people who talk about them all the time should be punched in the face.

Joel Spolsky’s post about Coders at Work thus brought me a lot of pleasure. I didn’t necessarily agree with him, I just liked the fact that all the loudmouths are going to start screaming unhappily about it.

But now a follow up post by the author of the book delivers an even better kick in the face to the asshats. Where Joel was dismissive Peter is educational. Where Joel rushes to the conclusion, Peter slowly builds the case.

The last part of Peter’s post was somewhat painful to me as it basically demolishes a TDD “guru”. It reminded me about early nineties when I was a similar loudmouth about the virtues of Object-Oriented Programming and C++ and got my ass handed to me.


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