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This is a simple RSS/RDF aggregator that can aggregatete all flavors of RSS and RDF content. Requires the .NET runtime.

FtpLib is a .NET library for doing FTP.

SiteUpload is a command-line app for uploading websites to a FTP server. It's smart enough to upload only changed files.

Software Engineering

.NET Bugs Registry
This is a database of known .NET bugs. You can use it to see if the strange thing you are seeing is a known bug, or to report a new bug that you just found.

Using Resources in Visual Studio .NET
If you get stuck trying to add bitmaps, icons and other resources to your Visual Studio .NET project, then read this.

Java Namespaces Suck Big Time
... in my infinite wisdom I named the class that represents a rectangle... Rectangle. What a mistake!

Java: Good and Bad
I've been using Java on a daily basis for about two years now. Some things I like very much. Some things irk me and make my life really hard.

Why Java Will Always Be Slower than C++
There is a misconception that Java being slow is a temporary condition due to immaturity of today's JITs. That is not correct. Java, due to its language features, will always be slower than C++.

Why People Aren't Using Haskell
The advent or Perl, Python and Ruby has shown that people are interesting in different and expressive programming languages. So why aren't they choosing Haskell instead?

If you are following the MFC lead and starting all your class names with a capital 'C', consider a better practice.

Using Namespaces Properly
Provided that you know the syntax of C++ namespaces, this article shows how you can use them to create large-scale programs.

C++ Without Memory Errors
I recently gave a talk on how to write C++ code without any memory errors. I've posted the slides and the code here.

Using Visual C++? Consider These Upgrades
If you write Visual C++ code for living, consider these upgrades for an instant productivity boost.

Smart Pointer Thread Safety
Explains the definition of thread safety for smart pointers.

Other Stuff

Are You Looking for Interesting Work?
I'm looking to hire Java and C++ programmers that live in Belgrade.

Some Facts About Exercise
Are you exercising? Or trying to loose weight? Then read this.

People One Can Learn From
Just some of the people that have influenced the way I think.

Internet via Satellite
My experiences using the Europe Online satellite Internet.

Site Design
Tools, fonts and colors used for this site.

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